Friday, May 26, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Although I stole the topic for this post from this academy award winning movie featuring Jim Carey the following post has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Ever since I came home last week I have noticed a certain trend that has been unfolding everything seems to be going horribly wrong. The most burning issue in India these days seems to be that of the 27% reservation for OBC's. I was planning to write a post about this but Im sure the topic has already been beaten to death on the blogosphere by those more informed and capable than myself. Students protesting, protestors (mostly students) getting lathi-charged by the police and the general apathy of the government towards the whole situation. Not exactly the situation you want to have in the 'worlds' largest democracy'. Apart from the reservation issue, several other things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

Prominently figuring among these are the stock markets. The bears took over the markets as the BSE sensex crashed to below the 11,000 mark and the NSE Nifty experienced a similar crash. I dont know much about the stock market but I know that the sensex going down is a bad thing ;)

Apart from this our own dear cricket team also seems to have hit a bad patch of sorts as they seem to be getting their backsides handed to them by a paplu-taplu team like the west indies. Also Mr.Tendulkar declared himself unfit for the test series and judging by the current form of the team he shall be dearly missed.

Then there was the contorversy surrounding the release of the 2 most eagerly awaited releases of the month. Ron Howards adaptation of Dan Brown's Classic The Da Vinci Code and Aamir Khan starrer Fanaa. While Mr. Joe Dias and his friends at the Catholic Secular Forum inisist that they be the judges of everything the general public should and should not be exposed to regarding the catholic faith, the BJP seem to think that by stalling the release of Khan's film they are going to get him to change his chance on the Narmada issue. Both controversies in my opinion were highly unecessary and aviodable and just a waste of everyones time. To all those opposed to the Da Vinci Code I say, if you dont agree with it, dont watch it!! Its fiction for God's sake! And to all those trying to stall Aamir's film, the man is entitled to his own opinion about the Narmada issue, leave him alone.

So how how come so many things are going wrong within the space of the week???
Heres what I think:
1) Arjun Singh is the devil incarnate.
2) The Congress Government are doing Satans work on our good earth.

Co-incidence or conspiracy? You tell me!

P.S. Before anyone gets offended and calls me a heretic, disbeliever, upper-caste chauvenist, nerd, etc.,etc., this post is meant to be a joke and should be taken in light vein.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay so I lied....

.....when i said in the last post that I would try to post soon. I have made so effort whatsoever to try and conjure up a post. I blame this posting drought partially on laziness and partially on the fact that its the end of the semester. So what? you may ask....well I guess the laziness part explains itself and since it is the end of semester Ive been spending more time hanging out with the kids here because im not going to see them for 3 months once break starts. Also my workload increased exponentially becasue of end of sem exams, tons of assignments and lab reports due and papers that needed to be written. Well, as of now, im all done with all that crap...only finals to go. So ladies and gentlemen the time has come for me to study my backside off and I shall take your leave until finals are done. Actually I dont think there shall be any more posting here until im back home. Wish me luck! Adios

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Im around

Hey everyone, sorry ive been slacking on the updating of blog front. But College is keeping me really busy right now. And plus my poetic skills seemed to have deserted me for the moment
:-( . Tried writing a few more poems but didnt have any good ideas. I had to register for classes online this morning. The only thing it achieved was to make me realise that the IT department at Emmanuel College is compltely useless. I was supposed to pick classes at 10:20am but the server had some 'problems' so ultimately i ended up wasting another 2 hours sitting in front of my computer screen waiting for the damn web registration thingy to work. Anyhow, will try and put up a good post over the weekend maybe. If anyone has ideas about anything I should write about Im all ears.

By the way I found this blog where this dude Rajeev has highlights of all the ODI matches between India and England. For those other poor souls like me that have no access to live cricket.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

This one is dedicated to the bane of my existance....

....Organic Chemistry

Guys I know my poetry is not even worth ath anna
But you know me, I just need a bahana.
And its amazing where i find them,
Like this one, inspired by Organic Chem!

Ab organic chemistry ke bare mein mai kya kahu,
Its more boring than those shows about saas-bahu.
But everyone says stop complaining buddy,
Why dont you just sit down and study.

Alright I said i'll go over my notes,
Although id rather feed them to some goats.
Wait, I think that would be a chook,
Those notes will probably make them puke!!

Anyway, I opened up my book,
Decided that I might as well take a look.
The first thing one there was an Alkane,
My God! Orgo is such a pain!!!

The Alkane was followed by an Alkene,
Proabably some of the most boring stuff I've ever seen.
Just looking at that double bond,
Made me want to drown myself in the nearest pond.

Alkenes ke baad came triple bond wala Alkyne,
This definitely was not a good sign,
Reactions padhte padhte ho gaya mai itna bore,
Twiddling thumbs never seemed so entertaining before.

Aldehydes, Ketones, Alcohols, Esters numbing my brain,
I studied and studied so much my eyes I did strain.
Trust me guys organic chem is not a cruise,
I definiately like alcohols better when they are booze.

So after studying for a week I put my mind to rest,
Mujhe laga theres no way I'll do badly on the test.
But lets not talk about my marks on the test dude,
Lets just say it makes the Indian teams scores look good.

Ive been trying to write this post for well over a day,
In the end this is all I have to say,
I cant wait for the end of this sem,
Because I freakin HATE organic chem!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

That feeling....

Dont you hate the feeling when you study really hard for something, and then still mess it up. Thats what I just did on my organic chemistry II test. I wasted a number of hours last week scruntinizing the reactions of Alkynes, Alcohols, various reagents used to give a variety of other organic compounds, blah ,blah,blah. These hours wasted could have been more constructively utilized by engaging in actvities like sleeping, doing timepass, sleeping, going to the gym, sleeping, flirting, sleeping, hanging out with my friends and......sleeping. But no! I decided to be a nerd and study. And now im up at 8:30 am, slept for just 3 hrs at night and I still have more classes today. I hate organic chemistry so Goddamn much!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another one?

I think yesterday's attempt was rather dry,
So doston, im giving it another try.
Was reading about the smuggler Veerappan,
Do you guys know who he looked like in his bachpan?

None other than my good friend Aquil,
Man! that boy has looks to kill.
Yaar Singhania ke kisi bhi student se poonch,
5th std. se hai Aquil ko dadi aur mooch.

Ek bar yeoor ke jungle mein mili dono ki jodi,
Aur Veeru ke saath tha Adrian Brody,
What he was doing there I dont know,
Maybe he got bored of playing the piano.

Anyway, Aquil was wearing a mask on his face,
and seeing this Veeru started taking his case.
Said he,"Abe Adrian look at this baccha"
"Isse toh mai do second mein kha jaoonga kaccha."

Par isse pehle ki Aquil kehta kuch,
He took off his mask and brandished his mooch.
Aur phir bola,"Kyon be Veeru, jyada shana banega?"
"Kya tu is mooch se panga lega??"

Dekhke Aquil ki mooch, Veeru ki pant hui gili,
Standing there with his insufficient mooch, he felt quite silly.
Palat kar, bhag gaya Veeru kahin duur,
Never after that was he seen in Yeoor.

That gunda Veeru was trying to be a hero,
par Aquil ke samne toh ban gaya zero.
Aquil celecrated his victory with much band-baja
Aaj tak yeoor mein kehte hain usse 'Jungle ka raja!'

Turned to check the score of the match,
Arre nahin!!!India dropped another catch :-(
By the way, Mumbai crowd whats wrong with you??
Mat karo yaar mere hero ko boo!!

For all you guys that are giving Tendulkar dosh,
One more great knock and you'll all be khamosh.
Aur phir garv se kahiye Sachin ji
"Boost is the secret of my energy!"

Monday, March 20, 2006

Arz kiya hai.....

Baitha mein aadhi raat ko post likhta,
kash kisi free stream par cricket match dikhta,
Aur mein yahan trying to be a shayar,
Waiting for my laundry thats in the dryer.

Arre dekho isse, likhne chala katha,
poetry ke bare mein toh kuch nahin pata.
What to write about that is the question?
Maybe Josh McCabes constant indigestion.

Nahi yaar, have a heart
Oh no! theres another rancid fart!!
Sorry boss, mein kya kar sakta hoon
I guess air freshner will have to do.

But guys, he's not the one to blame.
Yahaan ka khana khakar everyone's the same.
Miss good old home food and how
Khila do yaar ek vada-pav.

Kahaan hai woh rajma-bhaath,
made by mummy's loving haath.
Khaani hai mujhe pani-puri,
Food situation toh hai bahut buri.

Ab choddo yaar khane ki baat,
varna rote rahunga sari raat.
Padhai ki baaten toh karunga nahi,
jab tak dimagi halat hai sahi.

Wish I could atleast watch some cricket,
Chillaoonga jab girega dushman ka wicket.
Ye firang toh sirf daude from base to base,
I'd rather watch some donkeys race.

Socha tha mumbai mein India jitegi without a doubt,
Score dekha toh sehwag, tendulkar, dravid out!!!
If you have to, throw some fists,
But beat those damn imperialists.

I feel there is a bit more to be said,
but unfortunately its time for bed.
Neend toh ane wali hai jhakas,
par 5 ghanto mein hai orgo ka class.