Friday, August 13, 2004

Malhar Mania and missing teeth

Well, there’s just a day left for Malhar and the hype is reaching its zenith. Everyone is all excited and anxious, hoping that everything goes well and there are no glitches. The elims day was awesome and if it was a taste of things to come then I’m sure Malhar 2004 is going to be an amazing experience. On a more personal note, my social life seems to be hitting a high note. I’ve got to know a lot of new people, mostly in the Malhar workforce and become quite good friends with a few of them. Today we had a photo-shoot for Bombay times where a few of us had the tricolour painted on our faces. But it turned out to be a damp squib because it started to rain and also the stupid photographer guy kept us waiting for 20 mins. before he took the worst possible photo. Even though there were quite a few second years and OG’s around, he made this stupid FYJC irritating surdy guy (who I’m sure is going to get beaten up one of these days) stand in front and all the rest of us are going to be blurs in the background. I hope the photo doesn’t make it to the paper or I’m going to start telling people I’m from Jai Hind (actually no, Jai Hind sucks!). I’ve started playing Unreal Tournament in the comps. Room and am discovering the immense pleasure that can be derived by ripping bots to shreds :-D. We’ve had pretty decent weather for the past few days apart from the occasional crazy shower. I had a tooth pulled out yesterday and had to have cold, sweet stuff for the whole day. It was a very educational experience; I learnt that there actually is a limit to the amount of ice cream that I can eat. By the end of the day I was so fed up that I started to drink plain water just coz it wasn’t cold and sweet. It had its upside as well because I kept showing people in college the blood and gore in my mouth (caused by the extraction) and freaking them out. The trick question was “Do you want to see my cool thing?” One guy asked if I was going to pull down my pants!! (Well, there just are some people who seriously need a life, can’t be helped). That’s about all the mentionable stuff happening right now. Here’s to a great Malhar 2004. Admin rocks!!!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Train to Dombivli

Yesterday we finally had the satyanarayan pooja at home; I actually got to perform the pooja so it was pretty cool. Lots of people I was seeing for the first time in my life showed up and wished me luck. So what if I didn’t know them, I can sure use the luck. Most of my immediate family was also around and the whole affair was pretty fun. After the pooja was done I had to go to college for malhar work. I was doing a double shift so I had to be in college at 4:30pm. I think the Rain God is very fond of me because he makes sure there is no shortage of rain whenever I step out of the house to go anywhere and yesterday was no exception. I reached college by 4:45pm all drenched. I saw the foyer absolutely empty for the first time; it kind of freaked me out. At the malhar office I was expecting to see everyone all busy and stuff but as it turns out everyone was either bored out of his or her wits, listening to music or sleeping. No colleges came for registration for the first hour, then Jai Hind, Mithibai and Sophia showed up (bunch of losers) but that was it. I tried to flirt with one of the chicks from Sophia’s but I was just too bored to come up with anything good. One of the OG’s – Mohit, who is like an overgrown 5 year old with a major Cyrus hangover was trying to be funny but was as usual failing miserably. Then some stupid fat girl almost broke the floor by jumping on it because Bharat Dhabolkar was going somewhere to do something. Well, I’m not here to pass judgment so I’ll just carry on. Since there was no work, I managed to get out of college by 6:50 instead of 7:30 and caught a 7:00pm fast local to Badlapur. I thought I would reach home early and spend time with all the assorted family who had stayed on after the pooja. But it was not to be. In the train there was this prick who was kept fighting with someone over his cell-phone all the way from Byculla to Ghatkopar (for those of you who are not aware, that is a looong distance). Anyway since there was nothing else to do I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Imagine my horror when I woke up and found Thane station passing by outside the window. It was too late to get off as the train had picked up too much speed. As it was a fast train it stopped next only at Dombivli, which is like a village (seriously man, everything after Thane sucks, actually quite a bit off the stuff before Thane sucks too!). Luckily there was no T.C around and I got an empty 1st class compartment all to myself on the train back to Thane from Dombivli. In the beginning I thought this would be cool but when the train stopped just above the bridge between Thane and Kalwa and all the lights went out, it became really scary. I finally reached home at 8:45 pm and as expected I had the rain to accompany me all the way from the station to my house.

Nothing really interesting happened today, India lost the match (why am I not surprised?), I watched a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S coz today is apparently friendship day and they were showing it all day on Zee English. Anyway HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! to all my pals who happen to read this.