Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Movies i recommend

I watched 2 really good movies last night which I would highly recommend to everyone at home. The first one called Menace 2 society is about a black kid growing up in the ghetto's of LA. The movie is basically about how he is trapped in a life of crime and gets shot just when he is about to get his life together.
The other one called trainspotting is a british movie starring ewan McGregor, that guy from the full monty and the guy from snatch who gets his head stuck in bullet-tooth tony's car. Its about how Mark (Ewan McGregor) overcomes heroin addiction. A really fascinating movie although its hard to pick up the accent.
If anyone who happens to read this gets a chance to see these movies- Do it!!!
Kevin Guicho has hi!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Boston Weather

Yay! The first post from the US of A. Due to my hectic college schedule (sleeping, parties,videogames,laziness and ummmm.......sleeping) I have not been able to put up posts since I got here. I also forgot my username and password, which I somehow remembered the other day.So im back. :-D
Now the weather in Boston is not pleasent to put it mildly, to put it bluntly - it SUCKS!!!! Ever since I came here last september, barring that month the weather has been very shitty. Its been cold (not pune cold but really COLD). For months on end, I had to walk around with 3-4 layers of clothing on my body so that I wouldnt freeze. I was really exicted to see snow for the first time but then as it grew on me that snow=cold, well lets just say that im not a big fan of snow anymore. After more than half a year of being oppressively cold, the weather looked like it was finally going to get better. We had a couple of really beautiful days and I thought that spring was finally here. But alas! it was just nature's deception, because soon after it started being rainy and gloomy. Which leads me to the question, when does it end???????????????????????? Does this godforsaken place every have decent weather???????? Trust firangs to find the worst places in the world to inhabit! Ab ke liye itna bas.

Im back

This blog shall soon be resurrected because I finally recovered my username and password. woot!