Thursday, April 28, 2005

Realllllllllly BUSY!!!!

Hey everyone,
Im typing this literally seconds before I have to go to sociology. As it is end of semester my workload has incereased exponentially. I dont even have time to brush my teeth (just kidding, hehehe). Anyway, do not expect another post here at least until the 6th of May. Ciao

Monday, April 25, 2005

American English

Your Linguistic Profile:

65% General American English
25% Yankee
10% Dixie
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Wailers

Last friday I had a chance to go see the Wailers (the guys a certain Mr.Marley used to play with) Live at the Paradise rock club on commonwealth avenue. Now i had to show an id at the door to get in, so I showed my college id whcih says just my name , the name of my college and a picture. Nowhere on it does it say my age, despite this the person at the door gave me a drinking bracelet! The drinking age here is 21, so obviously the bouncer thought I was 21. Im sure this guy has had lots of underage people pass off as 21 year olds with fake id's and stuff like that. So obviously he can tell when someone is 21. This leads me to the conclusion that I am actually 21 and that my parents and everyone else I know back home have been lying to me all this while.
So we get inside and the opening act had already started playing. Some pseudo-mexican band called De Sol, they were horrible, they were all obviously tripping on some sort of drug or the other. Well the less said about them the better. The wailers were awesome though, some really good reggae I must say. The played some bob marley songs too. The whole place of course reeked of marijuana with the intermittent legalize weed chants. Then all of a sudden one of the huge bouncers at the place comes up and taps me on the shoulder and tells me to follow him. I thought they had figured out I wasnt 21 and wanted to know how I procured the drinking bracelet. I followed the bouncer to a side door and out into an alley and found cops waiting there. At this point i had my heart in my mouth, i really thought I was going to get arrested for underage drinking and get deported. The thing was that I had'nt been drinking at all because I had no money [and Im not saying I would have bought drinks if I had money ;-)]. I didnt even know how I was going to explain why I had a drinking bracelet when I was obviously not 21. As it turns out though, they had got a report that someone wearing a yellow cap was carrying a gun and I happened to be wearing a yellow cap that night. So the cops just frisked me, didnt even ask for an id or anything. It took just about 2-3 minutes and I was trying to be as co-operative as possible. After the cops were done, the bouncer said that he was sorry for the "mistake" and that he would but me a drink. And what a drink he bought me, a bottle of premium Sam Adams, without a doubt the best tasting beer I have ever had, wah maza aa gaya!! See mamma, this is exactly why i wanted my yellow topi back so bad. Its a good luck charm!

The rest of the concert was pretty "dope" to put it in the words of one of my stoner friends. I think I got high just off all the pot smoke in the place. They played a few bob marley numers really well like No woman no cry, buffalo soldier and the redemption song.

The weather has improved a lot, its been absolutely splendid for the past 4 days in a row and Ive just been outside the whole time and not done any work. We play cricket almost on a regular basis and some of my friends are showing some promise. I also watched Salaam Bomaby the other day, its a really good movie, I would recommend everyone to watch it if you ever had the chance. The Boston marathon was today, I wanted to go watch for a bit but ended up watching the red sox beat the blue jays 12-6 .Atleast they're doing better than apni pyari cricket team. Im not even going to talk about them, ab kehne ke liye hi kya reh gaya hai??? I best go start studying for Dr.Kurtz's bio test now, I'll try and update again before the end of the week.

Monday, April 04, 2005

A whole lot of stuff

Well...Well....Well, I never thought the day would come and now Im convinced that miracles happen. Boston has GOOD weather. Its been bright and sunny and not cold for a few days (consecutively!!!). Since the weather started to look up my buddy Josh McCabe and I decided to take a trp to Downtown Crossing. I havent really been around Boston too much since Ive been here, primarily because its always been cold and depressing and not really he kind of weather you want to walk around in. (Unless you're going to a party of course, then it cant be helped). Downtown crossing is quite a nice place. It has a lot of shops and resteraunts. Its right by the Suffolk University dorms so there were a lot of students and hippies around. The purpose of our visit was to buy tennis balls to play criket with. We purchased the said items at a place called city sports which is by far the biggest sports store Ive seen in my life. Then we went back to campus.

Once I got back to campus I tried to teach some of my frineds to play cricket its was absolutely hilarious. I wish I could have videotaped it just to show it to everyone back home. Some of them were playing pretty well though, i mean for people who are playing for the first time. They could atleast chuck the ball overarm and make it reach the batsman. Most of them batted like they were playing golf, without any foot movement, I was just cracking up watching them. My friend Phuc Tran though was quite good with the bat and got in a few good hits. It was an entertaining experience overall even though people kept trying to make sense of the rules in a baseball context and then it didnt make sense to them.(Of course it wouldnt make sense, baseball was invented for people who sucked at cricket or who were'nt bright enough to understand the rules!!!).

Continuing with baseball, the red sox lost their first two games to the yankees (goddamn the yankees), showing pretty much the same spirit as the Indian Cricket team. Actually it would be quite interesting to watch a game featuring the aforementioned teams as they share many common characterisics:
1) They both consistently snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
2) Both consistently let down crazed fans
3) Both make sure to embaress themselves when losing to arch rivals (ie. the New York Yankees or the Pakistan cricket team)
4) Both are supported by the author of this post (who is very disillusioned at this point of time)

Moving on from sports, I wanted to mention a very interesting concept Ive come across here in Boston called Daylight Savings time. Basically people turn their clocks 1 hour back at the beginning of winter so that the days to follow have an extra hour of sunlight. A couple of days back daylight savings time ended and we all had to turn our clocks ahead by an hour. I find it fascinating that people could think up of such a concept of manupulating time.

Please excuse me for any typing errors on this post beacuse of 2 reasons:
1) Becasue the keyboard im typing on is all messed up
2) Rich is playingsome stupid, annoying rap music, which has "nigga" as every 3rd word(and "bit**" as every second word). Not only is he listening to this sad excuse for music but he is playing it realy loud and it is giving me a headache.!!!