Friday, February 10, 2006

The battle resumes......

As many of you who have known me over the past 6-7 years will know, I suck at Math. Well I dont really suck at it, I just never do well on any Math exams. My dismal results for math at the ISCE and ISC examinations are testimony to this fact.(I got a 72 and 76 respectively, if I recall correctely). I remember being overjoyed after my ISC board math paper, not because I had done well, but because i thought that would be the last time I had to put up with trigonometry, differentials, integrals, functions, quadratic equations, blah,blah,blah,blah...........So happy was I at the time that on my way home from school that day, I sold that dreaded maths text book to the neighbourhood raddiwala for a princely sum of Rs.10
But alas, my hopes of never crossing paths with math again were dashed this semester as the registrar at Emmanuel College informed me that I need to take the Calculas II course(curse) before I take Physics. So me and my old foe Calculas have to go at it again for another semester. However, all that mugging in school seems to have had a positive effect because I find myself recollecting formulae that I for the life of me could not remember during exams at school.
So I took my first test in my Calculas II class and I pretty much kicked its ass (translation for parents if they happen to read this: I did well). But this is only the start and I know that Calculas is hiding some tricks up its sleeve to screw me over later in the semester. And so the old battle has resumed once again....but the score right now -> Varun 1 Calculas 0 :-D