Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another one?

I think yesterday's attempt was rather dry,
So doston, im giving it another try.
Was reading about the smuggler Veerappan,
Do you guys know who he looked like in his bachpan?

None other than my good friend Aquil,
Man! that boy has looks to kill.
Yaar Singhania ke kisi bhi student se poonch,
5th std. se hai Aquil ko dadi aur mooch.

Ek bar yeoor ke jungle mein mili dono ki jodi,
Aur Veeru ke saath tha Adrian Brody,
What he was doing there I dont know,
Maybe he got bored of playing the piano.

Anyway, Aquil was wearing a mask on his face,
and seeing this Veeru started taking his case.
Said he,"Abe Adrian look at this baccha"
"Isse toh mai do second mein kha jaoonga kaccha."

Par isse pehle ki Aquil kehta kuch,
He took off his mask and brandished his mooch.
Aur phir bola,"Kyon be Veeru, jyada shana banega?"
"Kya tu is mooch se panga lega??"

Dekhke Aquil ki mooch, Veeru ki pant hui gili,
Standing there with his insufficient mooch, he felt quite silly.
Palat kar, bhag gaya Veeru kahin duur,
Never after that was he seen in Yeoor.

That gunda Veeru was trying to be a hero,
par Aquil ke samne toh ban gaya zero.
Aquil celecrated his victory with much band-baja
Aaj tak yeoor mein kehte hain usse 'Jungle ka raja!'

Turned to check the score of the match,
Arre nahin!!!India dropped another catch :-(
By the way, Mumbai crowd whats wrong with you??
Mat karo yaar mere hero ko boo!!

For all you guys that are giving Tendulkar dosh,
One more great knock and you'll all be khamosh.
Aur phir garv se kahiye Sachin ji
"Boost is the secret of my energy!"