Saturday, March 25, 2006

This one is dedicated to the bane of my existance....

....Organic Chemistry

Guys I know my poetry is not even worth ath anna
But you know me, I just need a bahana.
And its amazing where i find them,
Like this one, inspired by Organic Chem!

Ab organic chemistry ke bare mein mai kya kahu,
Its more boring than those shows about saas-bahu.
But everyone says stop complaining buddy,
Why dont you just sit down and study.

Alright I said i'll go over my notes,
Although id rather feed them to some goats.
Wait, I think that would be a chook,
Those notes will probably make them puke!!

Anyway, I opened up my book,
Decided that I might as well take a look.
The first thing one there was an Alkane,
My God! Orgo is such a pain!!!

The Alkane was followed by an Alkene,
Proabably some of the most boring stuff I've ever seen.
Just looking at that double bond,
Made me want to drown myself in the nearest pond.

Alkenes ke baad came triple bond wala Alkyne,
This definitely was not a good sign,
Reactions padhte padhte ho gaya mai itna bore,
Twiddling thumbs never seemed so entertaining before.

Aldehydes, Ketones, Alcohols, Esters numbing my brain,
I studied and studied so much my eyes I did strain.
Trust me guys organic chem is not a cruise,
I definiately like alcohols better when they are booze.

So after studying for a week I put my mind to rest,
Mujhe laga theres no way I'll do badly on the test.
But lets not talk about my marks on the test dude,
Lets just say it makes the Indian teams scores look good.

Ive been trying to write this post for well over a day,
In the end this is all I have to say,
I cant wait for the end of this sem,
Because I freakin HATE organic chem!!!!!!!!!!