Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well, this update is basically for the principle of the thing, ie. updating my blog. Ive tried updating quite a few times since my last post actually but due to problems varying from my internet explorer being as stubborn as John Howard(give us that nuclear fuel goddamnit!), homework taking up all my precious time and me simply oggling at piya trivedi on my background everytime I want to use my laptop.
This time around however, my internet explorer seems to be behaving itself, i changed my wallpaper and I just wrapped up my homework. Which actually is the subject of this post. I dont know how many of you who read this blog are English majors or have every had to write literature papers or papers analyzing literature. I have had the oppurtunity or rather misfortune of doing a few English papers over the last year. And I have a few general observations about these assignments:
1) Writing them is boring, very boring, i mean in the same category as golf, country music and most shah rukh khan movies. You cant even source stuff off the internet because you dont really require any information, just the ability to bullshit.
2) No one (except maybe people majoring/graduating in English) find any of the articles assigned for such papers even remotely interesting. The paper I just wrote was about how the 'creatvity' of African women was repressed due to 'contrary instincts' and how despite these 'contrary instincts', the creativity managed to express itself in ways such aszzzzzzzzzzz.........................
3)As I mentioned in point 1) you dont really need to apply yourself because half the time the topics are ridiculous and the list of instructions, is as long as the paper is supposed to be. for example, the paper i told me that my "job is to invent a way of describing how the author works and how her methods-her way of gathering information materials, of thinking them through, of presenting herself and her thoughts, of imagining a world of speakers and listeners-might be related to the issues she raises and conclusions she draws", please note that this 'instruction' is all one sentence and there are around 10 of them i was supposed to follow. So ultimately all you need to do an english paper is to be able to bullshit well, use big words now and then and use a thesaurus to make you paper sound intelligent.

I think english papers on the whole are a bad idea. They're fine as long as the topics are restricted to stuff like myself, my family, my favourite sport, my favourite festival etc. but anything more advanced than that is highly unecessary. Josh had earlier put up a post ridiculing English majors here at our prestigious catholic institution(where art majors dont even have face paint or non-toxic color powder) where he has largely ridiculed english majors. Although I agree with many of the things he says, I do not think it is fair to ridicule people who choose to major in English. Anyone who can manage to get through 3/4 years of being an english major is in my opinion worthy of admiration just for not having dropped dead of boredom somewhere along the way. So English majors, I applaud your ability to numb your mind to a point where it is not affected by boredom, and rest assured if I am ever in a position where i need to hire someone to bullshit for me you guys are first on my list.

Well, thats it for this update, Im hoping to put up a post about my trip to NYC over spring break soon because it was a lot of fun.Cheers!

P.S. If you are wondering why im ranting about art majors not having face paint and powder colors, it was Holi today and I felt like celerating but apparently art majors serve absolutely no purpose to humanity whatsoever.