Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I love Garfield. :-)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The battle resumes......

As many of you who have known me over the past 6-7 years will know, I suck at Math. Well I dont really suck at it, I just never do well on any Math exams. My dismal results for math at the ISCE and ISC examinations are testimony to this fact.(I got a 72 and 76 respectively, if I recall correctely). I remember being overjoyed after my ISC board math paper, not because I had done well, but because i thought that would be the last time I had to put up with trigonometry, differentials, integrals, functions, quadratic equations, blah,blah,blah,blah...........So happy was I at the time that on my way home from school that day, I sold that dreaded maths text book to the neighbourhood raddiwala for a princely sum of Rs.10
But alas, my hopes of never crossing paths with math again were dashed this semester as the registrar at Emmanuel College informed me that I need to take the Calculas II course(curse) before I take Physics. So me and my old foe Calculas have to go at it again for another semester. However, all that mugging in school seems to have had a positive effect because I find myself recollecting formulae that I for the life of me could not remember during exams at school.
So I took my first test in my Calculas II class and I pretty much kicked its ass (translation for parents if they happen to read this: I did well). But this is only the start and I know that Calculas is hiding some tricks up its sleeve to screw me over later in the semester. And so the old battle has resumed once again....but the score right now -> Varun 1 Calculas 0 :-D

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Vdet_013R - Reflective LetterU1769

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Monday, February 06, 2006

A second revival

Well, Im back. I thought this blog was dead and buried but guess what? Its back! Im not making any promises on how long this new found enthusiasm is going to last though. I just have nothing to do right now(well actually I do have to study for a genetics test) but Im waiting for a friend of mine to get out of class.
Before I began writing this post, I was going over the archives of this blog and it made me kind of nostalgic. I say kind of because I started this only after ISC was done with and I was at Xaviers(which was a lot of fun). I must make a note here that Xaviers has a very weird appeal. When I say weird I mean that it is amazing if you are a student there, but having visited St.Xaviers post my 'college career' there (snicker,snicker) I felt like it wasnt that big of a deal. While glancing through my archives I came across my post about Malhar 2004, I remember how exicted I was about it, how much fun it was being involved in the preparation for the event. Malhar 2004 itself was a fabulous experience. Im glad I was able to be part of it and Im also glad I left St.Xaviers right after. I think if I had hung around a little longer, the place would have grown old on me.
Being home in the summer of 2005 gave me the chance to attend Malhar 2005 and it was a damp squib to say the least. Firstly, I think I had a cold and a sore throat or something to that extent which was only aggravated by travelling from thane to cst in the rain. All the events started late, the crowd control was pathetic to say the least and I ended up having a miserable time and left just when everything seemed to be getting organized. I actually wish I hadnt attended Malhar that year and that I hadnt got to see the other side of Malhar, the one you see as a non-Xavierite.

Life in Boston has also slowed down. Freshman year was all about parties, meeting people and just general craziness. Sophmore year however, is all about attending classes, making sure all my work is done and keeping an eye on that 3.5 GPA (it does involve parties, meeting people and general craziness but to a much lesser extent). But its still fun, although a different kind of fun.(not studying though, that is definately NOT FUN!). Well,I guess thats enough for this post. Maybe I'll be inspired enough to continue writing for a while at least, maybe I wont. Lets see.

Btw, I just came up with this most excellent pj: Someone asked me what I do in Boston when its really cold. My reply: I just chill :-D