Thursday, April 06, 2006

Im around

Hey everyone, sorry ive been slacking on the updating of blog front. But College is keeping me really busy right now. And plus my poetic skills seemed to have deserted me for the moment
:-( . Tried writing a few more poems but didnt have any good ideas. I had to register for classes online this morning. The only thing it achieved was to make me realise that the IT department at Emmanuel College is compltely useless. I was supposed to pick classes at 10:20am but the server had some 'problems' so ultimately i ended up wasting another 2 hours sitting in front of my computer screen waiting for the damn web registration thingy to work. Anyhow, will try and put up a good post over the weekend maybe. If anyone has ideas about anything I should write about Im all ears.

By the way I found this blog where this dude Rajeev has highlights of all the ODI matches between India and England. For those other poor souls like me that have no access to live cricket.