Friday, May 26, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Although I stole the topic for this post from this academy award winning movie featuring Jim Carey the following post has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Ever since I came home last week I have noticed a certain trend that has been unfolding everything seems to be going horribly wrong. The most burning issue in India these days seems to be that of the 27% reservation for OBC's. I was planning to write a post about this but Im sure the topic has already been beaten to death on the blogosphere by those more informed and capable than myself. Students protesting, protestors (mostly students) getting lathi-charged by the police and the general apathy of the government towards the whole situation. Not exactly the situation you want to have in the 'worlds' largest democracy'. Apart from the reservation issue, several other things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

Prominently figuring among these are the stock markets. The bears took over the markets as the BSE sensex crashed to below the 11,000 mark and the NSE Nifty experienced a similar crash. I dont know much about the stock market but I know that the sensex going down is a bad thing ;)

Apart from this our own dear cricket team also seems to have hit a bad patch of sorts as they seem to be getting their backsides handed to them by a paplu-taplu team like the west indies. Also Mr.Tendulkar declared himself unfit for the test series and judging by the current form of the team he shall be dearly missed.

Then there was the contorversy surrounding the release of the 2 most eagerly awaited releases of the month. Ron Howards adaptation of Dan Brown's Classic The Da Vinci Code and Aamir Khan starrer Fanaa. While Mr. Joe Dias and his friends at the Catholic Secular Forum inisist that they be the judges of everything the general public should and should not be exposed to regarding the catholic faith, the BJP seem to think that by stalling the release of Khan's film they are going to get him to change his chance on the Narmada issue. Both controversies in my opinion were highly unecessary and aviodable and just a waste of everyones time. To all those opposed to the Da Vinci Code I say, if you dont agree with it, dont watch it!! Its fiction for God's sake! And to all those trying to stall Aamir's film, the man is entitled to his own opinion about the Narmada issue, leave him alone.

So how how come so many things are going wrong within the space of the week???
Heres what I think:
1) Arjun Singh is the devil incarnate.
2) The Congress Government are doing Satans work on our good earth.

Co-incidence or conspiracy? You tell me!

P.S. Before anyone gets offended and calls me a heretic, disbeliever, upper-caste chauvenist, nerd, etc.,etc., this post is meant to be a joke and should be taken in light vein.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay so I lied....

.....when i said in the last post that I would try to post soon. I have made so effort whatsoever to try and conjure up a post. I blame this posting drought partially on laziness and partially on the fact that its the end of the semester. So what? you may ask....well I guess the laziness part explains itself and since it is the end of semester Ive been spending more time hanging out with the kids here because im not going to see them for 3 months once break starts. Also my workload increased exponentially becasue of end of sem exams, tons of assignments and lab reports due and papers that needed to be written. Well, as of now, im all done with all that crap...only finals to go. So ladies and gentlemen the time has come for me to study my backside off and I shall take your leave until finals are done. Actually I dont think there shall be any more posting here until im back home. Wish me luck! Adios